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Network Design and Implementation


Beyondcom offers comprehensive networking design and implementation services, integrating Internet Protocol technologies. Beyondcom provides the experience customers deserve. Beyondcom is experienced in implementing a wide variety of network topologies, along with a variety of computer platforms and software applications. We secure and fine-tune networks to provide the highest level of security, stability and reliability. 


Regardless of your network size, Beyondcom can design and implement a network solution to fit your needs and then support you for years to come. Our aim is to provide the networking solution that is perfect for your needs, whether you simply need to connect a handful of PCs in the same room or you need a network infrastructure that will interconnect dozens or hundreds of PCs in a variety of locations.

After reviewing your business requirements we will define and recommend a Local Area Network design that will meet your needs now and allow you to grow in the future. We utilize a modular approach: we define a foundation and add components as necessary. This allows you to leverage financial resources without waste.


We have Wireless networking solutions too. They can pay for themselves in less than a year as compared to conventional wired networks. 

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