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Boundless Cyber Security & Data Protection


Threats against computer systems are more than a quarter century old, yet new and complex attacks by hackers and organized crime continue to wreak havoc on today’s connected organizations. For more than two decades, firewall technology— and more recently Endpoint solutions such as virus detection and prevention, encryption and patch management—have helped to protect corporate information assets from computer criminals. However, with today’s blended attacks—computer network attacks that seek to maximize the severity of damage by combining multiple threat methods —these Endpoint solutions are no longer sufficient as protective layers. In fact, as the complexity of protective layers increases, new threats become more challenging to defend against as hackers exploit all of the existing protective layers in a blended front. In addition, new targets are continually becoming available as emerging technologies, such as VoIP, become ubiquitous amongst organization’s networks. Simple Internet services such as Web access, instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing networks, already notorious for consuming bandwidth and potentially reducing employee productivity, open up potential security holes.

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Security experts agree that a single weak link in security can compromise an entire security implementation. Therefore, organizations need a layered and unified approach that protects their networks and business users from the threat of blended attacks and technology misuse while decreasing their operating costs. This ever-changing landscape of security threats has made Unified Threat Management (UTM) the fastest growing segment on the security appliance market. UTM refers to a security device that provides broad network protection by combining multiple security features—firewalling, anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention, and content control and filtering—on a single hardware platform. The UTM acronym was coined by IDC, a prominent global provider of market intelligence, advisory services and events for the information technology and telecommunications industries. Industry analysts note that the rapid rise in blended threats combined with ubiquitous access to information has greatly contributed to a need for the flexible, highly integrated functionality that UTM delivers.


More than 80 percent of corporate PCs are infected with spyware, yet less than 10 percent of corporations have deployed perimeter spyware defenses. The speed, variety and maliciousness of spyware and Web-based malware attacks have highlighted the importance of a robust, secure platform to protect the network perimeter from such threats. Therefore, we'll recommend a solution that incorporates a UTM solution to provide the most intelligent, real-time network protection against sophisticated application-layer and content-based attacks and is capable of monitoring a wide variety of network communications, such as e-mail, instant messenger or Web access, on today’s highly distributed environment. UTM "intelligence" is an expression of the solution's problem-solving ability and outstrips standard firewall intelligence through the use of a unique multi-layered and unified architecture, delivering a higher level of insight into network traffic and real-time identification of potential breaches or network misuse.


Our solutions are engineered to reduce cost, risk and complexity by integrating automated and dynamic security capabilities for comprehensive protection and maximum performance.


Key Benefits

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Stop attacks, intrusions, viruses and malware at the door

Web Content Filtering options: site, group or user

Dual WAN, WAN Failover, and Broadband Failover options

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